A Variety of Teeth Whitening Systems BleachBright

Island Sun Tanning & Spa offers customers a quick and effective way to whiten teeth up to 8 shades in less than 30 minutes! We use BleachBright’s L.E.D. Whitening System because it WORKS and is used worldwide in salons, spas and even dental offices. The BleachBright Cool Advantage III is the ultimate combination of speed and results.

After you shampoo your hair, you follow up with a conditioner. This helps to strengthen, add volume, and add shine to your hair. After you buy a car or a home, you buy insurance to protect your investment. Why not treat your teeth the same way?

BleachBright has the perfect solution for this — bluminerals™! Just put the bluminerals™ tray in your mouth and sit under the L.E.D. light for 10 minutes. If you whiten your teeth, then bluminerals™ is a must-have to protect your investment.

Peroxide gels can cause some people to experience tooth sensitivity. bluminerals™ has potassium nitrate which eases sensitivity.

When you whiten, the pores of the teeth remain open and can absorb stains. bluminerals™ closes these pores and prevents stains from entering

Every time you eat or drink, you weaken your teeth’s enamel. The sodium fluoride in bluminerals™ helps strengthen your teeth’s enamel.

A Variety of Teeth Whitening Systems BleachBright